Event Blogging Tips: How to Build a Perfect Event Blog?

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Event blogging is the fastest way to bring out huge profit online in terms of SEO. Event blogs also known as Live blogs are easier to rank and is a surefire way to give sweet results if they are built properly with proper SEO terms. Event blogs get up to 3000 active visitors, sometimes more when the event day arrives, producing huge earnings.

But it’s not always easy to rank because there are hundreds like you who will be building a blog on your event, so it’s not that simple, though. But we can rank if we follow some tips that helped the topmost event blogs rank on the top results on Google.

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Google XML Sitemaps: Create XML Sitemaps For WordPress

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Don’t know why you need to create XML Sitemap for your blog? It’s because they help your site crawl better and faster. It basically tells search engine bots your blog links and keeps it updated automatically to knock search engines and keep it updated with the latest blog links. You don’t need to work to create XML sitemap, so what you do is just install a plugin named “Google XML Sitemaps” by Arne Brachhold.

Submitting your blog’s sitemap will help Google crawl your website/blog quicker and more easily. This results in faster indexing of newly published blog posts. Since Google XML Sitemaps plugin is quite advanced, newbies need help with creating an XML sitemap for their WordPress blogs. But however, this plugin is better than any other XML Sitemap plugins.

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Adsense Approval Tips: Getting Approved on a New Blog

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Do you want to monetize your blog with Google Adsense? Well, if you’re a newbie to Google Adsense, you need these Adsense approval tips that I followed when applying for my Adsense account and how I got approved within just 4 days.

I have worked for a guy for quite some days who is an expert at Adsense and also link building. He aims certain keywords which will give him quality traffic from Google, basically, he is an expert at micro-niche blogging. He makes over $500 every day just from his micro-niche blogs. I worked and still work for him as a writer of his micro-niche blog which is about a mobile game. The blog took only a few months, not more than 4  months to rank on top results on Google.

As he is an Adsense expert, I got to know some special tips on Adsense approval which enabled him to get approved for more than 10 micro-blogs. I’m going to share with you these approval tips that I personally got from him and that’s the secret for getting approved every single time on Google Adsense.

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Top 100 Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites List 2016

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Looking for the top list of Dofollow Social Bookmarking sites? You’ve landed at the right place. We all need our blogs to rank as high as possible but how is it possible to receive the most traffic from search engines. You need to send signals to search engines that your content is capable of being listed in the top results of search results. Social bookmarking sites will help you boost your SERP rankings.

You need to work out your off-page SEO because this is more important if you take a closer look at the ranking factors. Without off-page SEO practices, your blog is nothing even if you have optimized your blog content for Google. You  need to know the “Top 100 Social Bookmarking Sites List” and bookmark your blog’s link to them to get high PR backlinks.

In this post, I’ve listed the top and best 100 social bookmarking sites so you don’t need to find them working all day and submitting which can eat up your time. You’ve to bookmark your blog’s link to each bookmarking site individually, and they work as backlinks sending signals to search engines to prove your content’s quality.

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How to Start Freelancing: Ultimate Guide to Get Started

How to start Freelancing, Start Freelancing

How to start freelancing and boost your online income?

There are millions of freelancers all over the world today. Some making serious money and some looking for opportunities to get started. If you want to begin your freelancing career, you should. Basically, there are different types of freelancer including – writers, designers, singers, artists and even actors. You can find the perfect definition for freelancing from Wikipedia.

For newbies, I’m writing this post to help beginners with the topic – “How to Start Freelancing?“. Many struggles after joining some of the freelancing sites and almost 50% newbies fail to understand how the process works and have to be carried out.

I started freelancing over 2 years before. I understood nothing and didn’t know the process for applying for jobs. I had no special skills, and I was nervous but I was looking for money because I heard from an elderly brother, that he made $9/hour! I started jumping as it had a reason. He said he would only copy image-like documents in MS Word! It’s as simple as a piece of cake.

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